Safety upgrade

Existing situation: A machine equipped with a transport crane moving with a maximum speed of 40m/min is placed unprotected in the room. In addition, there is a serious risk of injury by pinching at the mechanical drive. As a result of the evaluation of the company‘s security officer, users have to be protected by a barrier that covers the whole machine.

Our solution: At the front side of the machine the customer built a frame with sliding windows in order to provide regular maintainance and, in case of emergency, manual access on the parts located in the machine. The existing door at the back side as well as all the windows were equipped with sensors that are protected constantly by the syfety controller in the cabinet. If a window or the door is opened, the transport crane and the drive will stop immediately. To prevent a system bypass (person B closes the window or the door and starts up the machine again while person A is still inside the barrier), service technicians have a special key to block the machine program during maintainance work.

Result: The machine now complies with all statutory and in-house regulations. Normal operation and production are unaffected by the additional safety precautions.